Healthy food and dog volunteers

The 200 initial beneficiaries of the project funded by FRDS are aged between 6 and 26 years and the third module will learn from a nutritionist means eating and healthy living. They provide a fully equipped kitchen, where they will be taught how to prepare salads and juices, which then serve them as snacks every day. Children will run one hour daily in two modules (indoor and outdoor activities), with a lunch break in between. Each day of the week will be dedicated to an aspect. So Monday will be the day career and children will learn from experts in various fields, which means a certain profession or another means searching for your service, as you can do, how to write a CV and you it means to be employed. Tuesday will be the day volunteering and youth will be involved in activities where they will learn how and why they should be responsible for themselves but also for others on Wednesday will be the day of culture, and on Thursday sports day, when the center staff will focus the activities in “park strings”. This will be the newest attraction of the city and, according to Andrei Bold, will be ready in September and will be built in the zoo. The park will include “paths” air “den”, Tyrolean and “spider nets” o all will be made available to the city’s poorest children, who need support for a good start in adult life. Also, specialists involved in the project will bring special trained dogs to the center, which will also be volunteering her to her kids out of trouble, but also young people in risk.