Hunedoara City Hall opened this week, the Interactive Center for Volunteer and Non-Formal Education, a project worth over 200,000 euros. The initial project has over 250 beneficiaries, children, youth, and their parents all poor families, at-risk. Children will conduct indoor and outdoor activities, will learn to eat healthy, and the project will provide daily snacks and juices.

The project, whose contract was signed by the City Hall of Hunedoara in March, to be implemented over 19 months to September 2016 and is funded by the EEA Grants – grants offered by Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland, via FRDS (Fund Romanian Social Development). According to Andrei Bold, project manager, after the actual implementation of the project, which runs inside the Zoo, City Hall Hunedoara will continue to support Interactive Center for Non-Formal Education and Voluntary while another five years. “We initiated this project after a period of ten years, from 2005 until now, I worked myself in social and saw a lot of Hunedoara’s citizens in risk, the vast majority of Roma families, who were standing in the streets, not eating healthy they were wasting their time or had various vices. So did the idea of this project came . I wanted to do something for them, I found the right people, we found the money and we got to work, “explains Andrew Bold. He added that the total number of beneficiaries (204), almost three quarters (154) are Roma. The direct beneficiaries are children and young people in Hunedoara, from families in need, at risk of dropping out of school and personal life failure. Also indirectly benefit parents and children, which will be evaluated by psychologists, will be offered social assistance they need to resolve various personal situations, but also legal assistance where it is needed to clarify some aspects of law.