Hunedoara Interactive Center for Nonformal Education and Volunteering

The center is an innovative initiative due to its promotion of nonformal and volunteering educational methods engaging target groups such as children and youth at risk.

Socio- educational animators, Roma situation experts and specialists will provide educational activities to the target groups in order for them to adopt a healthy and responsible lifestyle.
The center delivers its activities in Hunedoara, in a creative and incentive space using The Town’s Zoo as space for ones to express themselves.
This endeavor will generate and develop change agents, will encourage sustainable development, will access the beneficiaries’ internal motivation and will highlight individualities and personalities within a context of diversity.

The results aim at harmonizing human relationships where issues such as sex, ethnicity, religion or affiliation differences do not exist.
During the 19 months of activities we are going to offer alternatives through which people they will generate positive results arising from responsible actions carried out in an independent manner. Thus, quality is transferred to the community which will benefit from this lasting and sustainable endeavor.