Labyrinth Theatre and Forum Theatre in Hunedoara

The experts thought the project idea to getting your children to have a healthy attitude towards life, to reduce early school leaving and to teach them to easily adapt to different life situations. Thus, for non-formal education center will have three distinct modules: one for indoor activities, outdoor activities one by one feeding and healthy. The first module, where the activities will take place in one of the buildings rehabilitated at the zoo, children will bring them face to face with games for life, Hunedoara that very few have heard labyrinth theater, theater -comparison, photo-voice, juggling, circus and other activities adapted to specific socio-educational animation. Theatre labyrinth, for example, involves negotiating a route with sensory stimuli based on trust a partner. Forum theater is, himself, a method of participatory learning: some volunteers are staging a dramatic situation of life (truancy, drug use, prostitution), and any “spectator” (the beneficiaries) can intervene at any moment in the play to change for the better its course.

Outdoor activities are announced, and they, at least as interesting: Centre for Non-Formal Education and Volunteering will conduct team building activities , which will be promoted not only physical strength but also intelligence, to solve challenging life situations. Children will have crossed paths, they have climbed the “nets” huge spider-like nets will zip line and will travel routes that will teach them how to overcome difficulties in life: fox trail and trail grandfather. Beneficiaries will be welcomed by groups at the center every day, but will be invited in some weekend trips, will go camping, fishing or will go through some of the most beautiful bike trails. Volunteers in the project are invited to participate in special the young citizens and after they accumulated 200 hours of training and volunteering itself, participants will receive certificates attested even by the City of Hunedoara, valid and recognized worldwide ” I’m very fond training program for volunteers: in his time participants learn what it means managing a project, how to do recruitment, but also a lot of issues in the socio-educational animation. We have a team of trainers of volunteers, who participate in internships in the country and abroad, “explains Andrei. He added that the identification of beneficiaries was done with En-Hacore Association, by accessing databases of social registered individuals at the Town Hall, and with the support of social workers with experience, good knowledge of the poorest neighborhoods of the city.